Volume 23 of JAL Today's Topic - JAL Group Volunteer Activities


Japan Airlines has uploaded volume 23 of their Today's topic, the video you see onboard on JAL flights. This time the topic is about JAL Group volunteer activities and how JAL employees formed close ties with various regions of Japan.

In the video, you can see various volunteer activities JAL employees organized and participated over the years. One of them is the Charity Bazaar held in Narita area. This was originally started as a garage sale in employees' homes 18 years ago. The money raised are donated to welfare groups and nursing homes.

Another interesting activity is the Courtesy Classes taught by JAL cabin attendants! They went to elementary schools and teach students the art of customer service onboard, which includes how to serve passengers, how to bow, smile, walk, etc. I think it's fun to attend this courtesy class and IMHO a lot of people need to attend this! Just an idea for those cabin attendants that will be let go as part of the restructuring. How about starting up a school of this? I will pay to attend the lessons LOL

You can watch the video here or on your next JAL flight which hopefully is very soon :)



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