March 2010 movie list on JAL flights


WOW all of the movies on MAGIC-I and II are new ones in March. No repeat from the previous month. In fact the selections on Japan Airlines international flights are pretty good in March. Below are movies available on JAL's MAGIC-I and II.

- 2012
- The Blind Side
- Up in the Air
- Whip It
- Couples Retreat
- New York, I Love You
- Paranormal Activity
- The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Not available in Economy class with MAGIC-I)
- ZERO FOCUS (Japanese)
- No More Cry!!! (Japanese)

- Doraemon Movie Nobita's Dinosaur 2006 (Japanese and not available in Economy class with MAGIC-I)

- Disney Channel on JAL
- Different Places Different Habits
- Key Moments in Japanese History

Looking at the list makes me want to fly on JAL in March. OK I know netflix is a much cheaper option LOL. Mileage junkies like me should watch Up in the Air (and it's almost like a AA commercial LOL)

You can find a complete list of movies available, including those on MAGIC-III and IV, from JAL website.



  1. great selection. enjoyed myself the whole trip to Narita on JAL-