Rumor: DPJ to launch investigation into JAL's collapse


This is just a political show! The Japan ruling party wants to launch an investigation on Japan Airlines' failure. So they can point their fingers at the ones at fault. The news is coming from DPJ member Tsutomu Okubo's aide who asked not to be named.

According to AFP, Prime Minister will set up a taskforce next week to investigate on the issue. They will check to see if there are any cover up at JAL, whether JAL exploited its close ties with MLIT and former government, and whether JAL has manipulated its balance sheet to cover up the extent of its financial troubles. The workforce will set up whistle-blowers hotlines for both current and former JAL employees so they can dig up the dirt.

If the real motive behind this investigation is to find out if there's any illegal cover up at JAL, I will support this 100%. But looks like DPJ is already looking at the next election and worries about their falling support within Japan. According to the unnamed aide, this is a purely political movement.

"This is purely a political movement to clarify what caused the bankruptcy," the aide said, noting that public funds totalling almost 10 billion dollars had been allocated to rehabilitate the ailing carrier.

Don't you politicians have better things to do? Go save some lives and the economy before your play the politic games please!



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