You only need to fly 1,280 miles on JAL to be a oneworld Emerald!


I was doing some silly calculations because someone posted on FlyerTalk's oneworld forum about how easy it is to get to the highest level of elite in the King Club. Oh what's King Club? Of course it's the loyalty program of Kingfisher :P And I am actually surprised to find out how little you have to fly on Japan Airlines to attain the highest level of oneworld elite status: Emerald.

Target Status: JGC Premier which is equivalent to oneworld Emerald.
1. JAL Global Club membership, and
2. 80,000 Fly On Points or 80 flights with 25,000 Fly On Points.
Pre-requisite: Apply for JALCARD CLUB-A, JAL CLUB-A GOLD or JAL DINERS CARD. So you don't have to pay for the 5,000 miles initiation fee for JGC.
Flights Required: 80 flights on JAC between Amami and Kikaijima. The sector miles for this route is 16 miles. You have to purchase tickets qualified for the 400 FOPs bonus (yes, that's the trick). The cheapest fare that qualify for the bonus is sadly the soon to be discontinued share holder saver at 4,750 yen per sector. Total ticket cost (i.e. excluding share purchase and JALCard fee) is 380,000 yen (~USD4212). Total miles flown is 1,280 miles!

Not sure if this is the cheapest way but you can't beat the 1,280 miles for oneworld Emerald mark that easily :P Anyone want to try this?



  1. I would fly

    Osaka (ITM) to Tajima instead. You can fly with their buy the night before for 7900 yen one way. You can do 2 roundtrips a day. This will probably be cheaper because you don'T have to reposition yourself to Amami or Kitajima. Plus you don'T have to buy the share holders tickets. So this will end up being cheaper. Just do it on the weekends and you can get 8 flights a week.

  2. But it's a 70 mile flight. You have to fly 4,320 miles more :P

    Of course I am not suggesting people should fly there and do this mileage run. I am just doing some calculation on what are the min miles needed to qualify as an OW Emerald.

    For those based in Tokyo, the shortest flight is to YAMAGATA (which I might fly to on my next visit to Japan). Sadly it is a 190 mile flight...11.875x longer than Amami to Kikaijima :P