JAL wants to capture your heart, ladies


Japanese companies have some special ways to capture their customers' hearts. There are maid cafes with waitress dressed in French maid costume and male maid cafes with male cross dressed as French maids. The latest trend is to hire "ikemen", which means damn good-looking men, to win over the female customers' hearts...no I meant business. And what this has to do with Japan Airlines? Apparently JAL is considering to operate some "Ikemen Flights" staffed with male cabin attendants LOL

According to The Mainichi Daily News, JAL operated a special "Ikemen Flight" between Haneda and Kagoshima on May 5 2009! ALL of the eight cabin attendants on that flight are "ikemen", aka good looking male cabin attendants! JAL received postive feedback from the special "Ikemen Flight" passengers and is now considering running more "Ikemen Flights"!

The main problem is JAL only has around 40 male cabin attendants, compared to 7,000 female ones. They usually fly on the London route. And out of those 40 males, how many of them can be classified as "ikemen" :P I am "lucky" enough to see a few of those male cabin attendants in the past and I won't say they are all ikemen materials LOL But judging from the photo on Mainchi's article which is provided by JAL, their standard isn't that high. Maybe I should apply to be an Ikemen cabin attendant too :P

Maybe JAL should paint an Ikemen Jet just like the way they painted the Beijing Olympics Jet. And don't forget to change the tail color to black to make it look even cooler (originally I was going to say blue so it can confuse ANA's customers LOL). Um...maybe JAL should hire me for their marketing team too LOL



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