Haneda slots update


Travel Vision has an update report on the Haneda slots for international flights. According to the report, China could be allocated as much as 20 flights per day! But the most interesting part is there's a comment regarding US DOT's preference of who they want to allocate their 4 slots to. Below are the destination allocation so far

Day time flights (total of 40 pairs of slot available):
- 12 to Korea
- 4 to Hong Kong
- 8 to Taiwan
- Remaining 16 are still in negotiation with China.

Night time flights (total of 40 pairs of slot available):
- 4 to Korea
- 4 to Hong Kong
- 4 to Singapore
- 2 to Malaysia
- 2 to Thailand
- 8 to the US
- 2 to Canada
- 4 to Germany
- 2 to Netherlands
- 2 to France
- 2 to the UK
- Remaining 4 flights are still in negotiation with China

The day time flights are meant to provide short range shuttle service in Asia, that's why you see tones of flights assigned to countries close to Japan (and there are range restrictions on these day time flights too). For the night time flights, it is still unclear which European carriers are interested in operating the flights. However, London and Frankfurt are the two main European hubs for Japan Airlines and ANA's partners respectively. So those flights are expected.

The report also mentions US DOT is leaning towards assigning their 4 slots to flights to Hawaii and Guam. So this means HA and CO apparently have a upper hands on those 4 slots. But the report does not cite its source.

The above slots are going to be evenly divided between Japanese and the foreign carriers. So half of it will go to Japanese carriers. JAL and ANA should roughly get 25% each. HOWEVER, LCC Skymark has expressed interests in operating international flights from Haneda too. And JAL doesn't really have a good argument to acquire more slots than ANA. So Skymark's slots might come at JAL's expense.

So assuming JAL will get 25% of the slots, which destinations/countries would you pick? ANA has already announced they are going to move the HKG flight to a day time flight from October. So this means there are two slots available at night time. But I don't know if JAL is interested in increasing the number of HKG-HND red eye flights...

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  1. Any chances of Australia geting HND slots? VA is wanting to fly into HND as part of their next expansion.

    (though I'd rather QF got slots at HND and moved from NRT. So much easier to get into Tokyo from HND)

  2. Hi caloris,

    I don't know if there's any chances for VA to get slots at HND but it would be nice to see some competitions there. I have never heard of Travel Vision until now so I am not sure how reliable they are. But the report is based on a speech given by the Deputy Director of MLIT's airline division...

    If slots are assigned to VA, it will be one of the night time slots because there are range limit on the day time slots...If they are assigning slots to Australia routes, JAL or ANA might get one pair too.

    Hopefully official announcement will come soon. HND will expand in October, there are not that much time left :)