JAL lost 177.9 billion yen between April and Dec 2009


As promised, Japan Airlines has released its consolidated result for April-December 2009 today. JAL reported a loss of 177.9 billion yen in the first three quarters of fiscal year 2009. Below are the highlights of the result. 

  • The consolidate revenue decreased by 414.4 billion yen to 1,144.8 billion yen. (-26.6% y.o.y)
  • Operating expense decreased by 302.5 billion yen to 1,265.6 billion yen. (-19.3% y.o.y)
  • Operating loss increased by 111.9 billion yen to 120.8 billion yen
  • Ordinary loss increased by 127.7 billion yen to 153.3 billion. 
  • Net loss increased by 176 billion to 177.9 billion yen.
  • International passenger and cargo saw the biggest drop in revenue, 41% and 44.4% respectively. But there were y.o.y. improvement in their revenue load/weigh factors!
  • Domestic passenger and cargo revenue load/weigh decreased y.o.y. 
  • Overall passenger load factor remains unchanged y.o.y. Overall cargo weigh factor improved by 1% y.o.y and yet JAL has not way more money.
  • See no forecast for the full fiscal year due to uncertainty.

For more details, you can refer to JAL Press Release.



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