JAL Mileage Project 2010 - Added benefits and campaigns for elites


Looks like Japan Airlines wasn't lying about miles will be easier to earn soon when they issued the notice to customers last month. JAL has posted about Project 2010 on its Japan region website. There are whole bunch of campaigns exclusive to JAL elites and JALCard holders! Below are the details of campaigns exclusive for JAL elites. I will write a separate post for JALCard holders campaign to keep this post short.

JAL First Flight Bonus (for both elite and JALCard holders)

(Picture Source: JAL website)

Sorry no public English page for this campaign yet. I the English campaign page I saw required login to JMB member page and I think you can only see the link if you are currently a JAL elite. But here is the Japanese version of the campaign.

Campaign Period: February 15 2010 - March 31 2010 (onboard basis)
Registration Period: Registration is required for this campaign. Registration ends at 23:59 Japan Time on March 31 2010. But post-flight registration will end on April 10 2010.
Eligible Members: JAL Most Frequent Flyers and JALCard holders of all regions who have registered for the campaign.
Bonus Miles: 1,000 miles for JAL domestic flight and 2,000 miles for JAL International flight. This is in addition to the JALCard holders' regular 1st Flight Bonus. But the campaign page does not mention if this is in addition to JGC members' first flight bonus (I would hope so). Miles will be credited to your account in the month following your first flight.
Eligible Routes:
- All JAL, JTA, JEX, JAC, HAC domestic routes, and partial route of RAC;
- All International routes of JAL and JALways, including code share flights operated by other airlines!
Eligible Fares:
- Domestic fares that earn 75% or more miles, excluding "Sakitoku Waribiki", "Super Sakitoku", "Bargain Fare", "Otomo de Mairu", "Tojitsu Silver Waribiki", "Skymate", "Individual all-inclusive Tour Fares", "All-inclusive Tour Fares", "Group Tour Fares", "Student educational fare", "Domestic sector included in international flight airline ticket";
- International fare with 70% or more mileage accumulation rate, excluding "All-inclusive Tour Fares", etc.

Double Elite Bonus Miles

(Picture Source: JAL Website)

JAL will be giving 2x elite bonus miles during this campaign. Details of the campaign can be found on JAL website (Japanese only)

Campaign Period: April 1 2010 - September 30 2010 (onboard basis)
Bonus Miles: Double elite flight bonus during the campaign period. NO registration required.
JMB Diamond: 125% -> 250%
JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire: 100% -> 200%
JMB Crystal: 50% -> 100%
Eligible Members: JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, JMB Sapphire, JMB Crystal members
Eligible Routes: All routes of JAL Domestic, JAL international, JALways, JTA, JEX, JAC, HAC, and partial routes of RAC (Naha - Kume/Miyako/Yonaguni, Ishigaki - Miyako/Yonaguni).
Eligible Fares: Fares eligible for JMB miles.

Added Fly On Program Benefits

(Picture Source: JAL Website)

JAL will be awarding their most frequent flyers in 2009 with extra fly on benefits, i.e. those who have attained status for 2010. There will be extra upgrade points for JMB Diamond, JGC Premier, and JMB Sapphire members while Sakura lounge coupons will be credited to JMB Crystal members.

JMB Diamond 2010: 15 extra upgrade points
JGC Premier 2010: 10 extra upgrade points
JMB Sapphire 2010: 5 extra upgrade points
JMB Crystal 2010: 5 lounge coupons

These extra upgrade points and lounge coupons will be credited to your account in late February. Just like the regular upgrade points, both the extra upgrade points and lounge coupons will expire on March 31 2011. They are of course transferrable to eligible relatives as stated in the JMB rules. You can refer to JAL website (Japanese only) for details of this campaign.

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