Inamori took a field trip to safety promotion center


Japan Airlines' new CEO Kazuo Inamori once again went for a little field trip. This time he visited JAL's safety promotion center near Haneda, which is a requirement for most JAL staff.

JAL set up the safety promotion center in 2006. On display are the aircraft remains of JAL123, flight recording, photographs of the crash site, etc. JAL requires most of its employee to visit the center to establish safety awareness within the company. So Inamori's visit is probably part of the newbie training :P Of course Inamori did not visit the center on his own. His sidekick, COO Masaru Onishi, was there with him. Onishi is no stranger to the JAL123 crash. He was working at Haneda maintenance unit at the time and was part of the response team set up after the accident. I can't think of a better personal to brief Inamori on safety than Onishi.

Apart from this, it is also to ease the bereaved families' concerns. They worried that JAL will once again slack on safety and maintenance after the bankruptcy filing. Inamori's visit is to demonstrate JAL's commitment to safety.

The Safety center is open to public but advanced reservation is required so there won't be any conflicts with staff training. Also, for security reasons, you will be accompanied by the safety center staff at all time. For more detail, you can refer to JAL Safety Promotion Center website.

Source: NIkkei



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