JAL's KIX exclusive campaigns are seeing great results!


Japan Airlines has launched a couple of Kansai International Airport (KIX) exclusive campaign to boost the flight loads for flights at KIX. And JAL is seeing GREAT results from these campaigns!

According to IZA (in Japanese), flights to Honolulu and Guam are seeing more than 90% load factors! Guam's load factor so far this month is at 98% and JAL is seeing 90% occupancy rate for March's advance reservations. Flights to Honolulu is also seeing 90% load. On flights to Bali and Okinawa, JAL also see increasing numbers of female and family companions.

Applause to the JAL Osaka branch for developing their own campaigns. Maybe next time when I visit KIX, I will see more fully utilized check-in counters :) Keep up with the good work!



  1. I have never seen the counters at KIX full other than when there is Japanese Holidays. But remember you are an elite and you can use the JGC and Business Class counters which almost never have a line. The most I have waited (when I was still using JAL) was 5 minutes at KIX. So there is no worries. KIX airport is barely even at 20% capacity I think.

  2. I know but I wish I have to wait because that means JAL and KIX is doing well :P Last time when i was there, there was NO ONE at the elite/C counters! Look at the picture, it's so sad.

  3. didn't they extend the island and build the second runway because they were near capacity?
    Then a heap of airlines pulled out...